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The rise of the World Wide Web and the Internet has opened many doors for consumers and companies alike. It has arguably made the world a more connected and accessible place, with everything easily seen and viewed with just a click of the button. The Internet has rapidly become one of the most powerful and influential platforms, and in the hands of companies, it’s a marketing and advertising tool that has the ability to surpass traditional advertising methods.
The Sandusky Register has always been known for excelling in traditional advertising and marketing, but we know how important it is to adapt in an increasingly digital world. As one of the most trusted marketing companies in Sandusky, our services have evolved and now span multiple platforms, including digital, social media, promotions and events. As your premiere marketing company in Sandusky, know that our advertising services go beyond traditional printed media. We also offer a range of digital marketing services using the most effective online platforms to ensure our clients reach out to the local market and their target audience more effectively.
When you work with our advertising agency in Sandusky, our team will determine the appropriate digital marketing strategy that your campaign or business will benefit the most from. Whether it’s social media or search engine optimization, you can trust us to reach out to your local target audience 100%. We haven’t forgotten our roots, though. As part of our all-inclusive marketing and advertising strategy, we also supplement our digital strategies with print and traditional media. Do you want to learn more about our traditional printed and digital marketing and advertising services? Contact our advertising agency in Sandusky today and let us discuss how we can help you reach out to your audience more effectively.





H O W  I T  W O R K S

S E E  T H E  M O R E +  P R O G R A M  I N  A C T I O N


Our tried and true print products  continue to reach more people than any media in the region. We reach two-thirds*  of the Northern  Utah area regularly —providing  one of the most effective mass marketing  platforms  for your message.  View the many publications  that greatly extend the reach of the daily newspaper.


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Our traditional newspaper is published and delivered daily, keeping  local news in the hands of the community.


We offer weekly products that are mailed to each household in the market, reaching even homes that do not subscribe to the paper. By taking advantage of these products, your reach is broader and marketing consistency is maintained.


Our glossy magazines are a timely and striking form of advertising, designed to reach a specific consumer and highlight the particular facets that set your business apart.


Isolate your message with an insert of your design. We have the ability to print exactly to your specifications, or use your pre-printed  insert to deliver your message to the most targeted homes or areas that best reach your goals.


Engage readers in an approachable way by placing your message on the front page of the newspaper.  Using the familiar look of a Post-It-Note, you are able to deliver a quick snippet of valuable information  on the most visible page of the paper.


Need help with digital marketing  programs?  Not sure how to tackle your SEO, PPC or web marketing? Our digital platform covers Northern  Utah and reaches more than any other local digital content media and can be coupled to Google’s,  Yahoo’s and Facebook’s  platforms  through our site technology.  That means your message can reach 100%* of the local online market.


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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Pay-Per-Click are cost-effective online tools for building your brand and increasing  online presence.  You pay only when someone clicks on your ad. We can assist in optimizing a campaign that fits your business model, budget and goals.


Mobile ads create the opportunity to reach a consumer at anytime, anywhere, due to the accessibility of mobile phones.


We have the ability to utilize various categories of websites to ensure that your ads are reaching the right people at the right time on the right website.  Use extended ad networks to broaden your reach and create diversity  in your campaign.


Retargeting serves as a reminder in your campaign and uses the IP address to serve ads to interested users that previously visited your website or searched for your product.


Tell a story through an article that doubles as a platform to advertise and offer your product or services in a unique format.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of building  a website’s ranking to show your business higher on a search results pages (Google  or Bing, for example).  It involves optimizing website content,  link building, and blog writing, among other facets, to bring your business full circle.


Placing  video ads on relevant sites and in relevant categories is an advertising  medium that garners a high engagement level from the viewer.  These ads are typically placed at the beginning of video content such as YouTube videos or news story videos.


We use our vast database to send eye-catching email advertisements or letters to users who have opted in to receive emails from certain vendors in certain categories.


Banner  ads, or visual display ads are placed on relevant websites that your target audience is most likely to visit. Banner ads can be in the form of a static image, GIF or animated image, or a short video, and include  a compelling call to action, which drives traffic to your website.


Who can create my campaign  messaging?  Do i need to look elsewhere  or can MORE+ help? The answer is, yes, we can help. Our marketing  professionals  can help guide you to multiple marketing  content and support services. Many of these services we own and others are available through Ownlocal,  Google and Facebook.  See the many marketing  options available for creating cohesive campaigns.

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Our creative web design team thrives on creating websites with a user-friendly experience to drive and keep traffic on your website using your specifications of color schemes, images and placement.


Captivating and engaging copy produced by our thoughtful team of writers will catch your reader ’s attention, driving more visitors to your website. The right copy can lead to more time spent on your website and a more pleasant experience for the reader.


Direct mail is a targeted way of reaching the right person in the right geographic area using their address from lists that we can acquire, and which depend on your target reach and goals. Direct mail puts your specialized piece directly into the mailbox of the type of person you are trying to reach.


Email marketing is another way to reach a specific demographic using specially curated lists of email addresses. Once your email message is created, it can be delivered whenever you specify—immediately  or scheduled in the future.


Let our team of designers apply the colors, fonts and font sizes, images and layouts based on your brand and specifications. We come up with the design that encourages viewers to answer your call to action.


Our team of qualified photographers offer fresh insight to your vision while also taking into account your ideas, bringing your campaign to life using high-tech cameras and equipment.

Social Media

You know you need to have a social media strategy but with so many options out there, you might be thinking, what’s right for my business?   Let our experts do the legwork for you.  We study industry trends and innovations  and find the perfect match, so you can focus on running your business.  From content, campaigns  and overall management  we can help increase your connections  with potential  customers.  Check out our suite of social media products.

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Facebook remains a ubiquitous platform where consumers go to get updates about the people and events around them, as well as entertaining content. We can post features or updates pertaining to your business regularly and consistently to increase awareness and build loyal fans and customers.


Content posted on social media platforms like Facebook can be promoted to help increase your reach and ensure that consumers with interests similar to your own are aware and can engage with your business.


Part of creating engaging content on social media is using video. Videos can be used to entertain or describe a product or business. We can help with developing the appropriate type of video for social media to reach your goals.


Responding to comments or reviews left on your website or social media sites and resolving  any issues helps the reputation  of your business stay positive.


Social pages, such as Facebook,  Twitter, Instagram,  Pinterest,  LinkedIn, YouTube,  Vine, and Yonder, are effective and current marketing  tools that are easily accessed  by consumers  everywhere,  at any time of the day. Social media is the largest platform that people use to engage with friends, family, and the brands they love—all online.


As your business grows, perhaps you should be considering  alternative  ways to reach and excite potential  new customers.  How? We can augment your traditional  marketing  with promotions  for an enhanced  customer  reach. Consider involving  your business in our group events or custom-built programs.  There are many options available.

Who can create my campaign messaging? Do i need to look elsewhere or can MORE+ help? The answer is, yes, we can help. Our marketing professionals can help guide you to multiple marketing content and support services. Many of these services we own and others are available through Ownlocal, Google and Facebook. See the many marketing options available for creating cohesive campaigns.

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Our established events are a great way for you to introduce your company’s products or services in a casual, one-on-one environment. Set up a booth, be a featured speaker/presenter or become a major or presenting sponsor for even more advertising reach.  From home shows to bridal gatherings, outdoor expos to recreation events, Standard Examiner events draw large crowds at a competitive price.


Our awards + recognition events deliver a memorable experience to highly engaged participants.  Sponsor a local athlete awards dinner, honor a local teacher or recognize an outstanding community/business leader.  When you sponsor an event, your company name and logo is prominently promoted on all pre, during and post-event marketing and advertising.


Need qualified, skilled employees but having a hard time finding them? In a competitive job market, it can be hard to attract and retain quality candidates. Our  job + career fairs bring job seekers and employers together.  Our database has thousands of email addresses of area job seekers, and our extensive advertising channels  provide heavy advertising schedules to ensure a high turnout at a low investment.


We can help you design compelling and exciting contests to tie-in vendors and boost your already existing campaign with impressive elements, giveaways, and prizes.


Our event-planning crew is organized and knowledgeable. Let us plan your next event and we’ll make sure to build a strong guest list, offer entertainment and venues, and take care of all the big and small details – all suited to your campaign needs.

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